The Healthy Back Program

The Healthy Back Program is an online progressive exercise program that aims to improve the lives of people with low back pain. In this program you will complete weekly 20-30 minute classes that will improve your low back strength, mobility and pain levels. You can complete these classes anytime and anywhere. Choose whatever works best for your schedule.

Each new class video consists of previously learned, as well as a minimum of 2 new exercises. Three days before the class, a series of individual exercise technique videos will be automatically uploaded to allow you to prepare for the class.

We believe that our program is different than other online courses. The Healthy Back Program has been developed to consider many different factors to ensure your success. Read below to find out about its cutting edge features.

Increase Your Challenge as You Improve

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“The program content and delivery were just right.”

Unique to our program, each class is progressive in nature and follows your improvement. Our system is based on a continuum of challenges which use a standardized strength system. Each class builds on what you learned previously. You can expect 5-7 different exercises per class, with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 exercises repeated from the previous class.

This foundation is what helps to ensure that you are progressing at a safe and effective pace. This structure is fundamental to your success as we know that the exercises which start your back recovery journey will not be the right ones as you improve. To help you to know if you are at the right level, after each class you will be asked to rate the difficulty and whether you experienced any pain during the completion of the exercises. Based on your response, we will recommend whether the next class should be more challenging or more gentle.


Begin at the Appropriate Difficulty Level

We understand that everybody with back pain is unique. We know that everyone who comes to our program will be at a different stage of healing. That’s why it is important that you begin at the right level of difficulty.

To help you to find your starting point, we recommend that you try the free preview which is the first lesson in Level 3. This will help you to determine if you need to exercise more gently or increase the challenge. Alternatively if you know your back is sensitive then you should begin at Level 1 and work your way up from the easiest session to progressively harder challenges.

Additionally, we recommend sharing links to this program so that your healthcare professional can help to determine which starting level is right for you.

Resources: Finding Your Directional Preference

The Healthy Back Program utilizes directional preferences to ensure that your exercises are as comfortable and as effective as possible for you. 

What is a directional preference? It is the position where the back is most comfortable. There are 3 main preferences:

  • Neutral
  • Flexion (curled forward position)
  • Extension (arched backwards position)

Understanding your preference is essential to getting a good result when performing an exercise program for low back pain. Exercise positions should be adjusted to fit your directional preference to ensure comfort during performance. 

Unique to our program is our videos which help you to understand and find your directional preference for each exercise.  This is a key concept in the Healthy Back Program and ensures you reach your back-related goals!  

You can learn more about the concept and complete an assessment to determine your directional preference through this link
 Directional Preference Assessments 

Resources: Troubleshooting Pain and Muscle Activation

With the Healthy Back program you will have access to troubleshooting videos which help you make simple and effective changes if you are feeling pain or if you are not sure that you are using the right muscles for the exercise. These videos teach you how to adjust your positioning and technique to reduce discomfort and improve your motor control to ensure the exercise works better for you.

If you are ready to control of your life again, register the Healthy Back Program!

Safety is Key

With any intervention or treatment strategy for low back pain there is always an associated risk of unwanted outcomes. The major risk of completing exercise for low back pain is a worsening your symptoms.

The Healthy Back Program is designed to reduce this risk as much as possible. The progression of challenge of the exercises is based on a 5-level strength scale. The exercises for each level are designed to create a gentle but effective progression from your current strength level. This graduated challenge helps you to not exercise beyond your capacity.

We also encourage you to share the program with your healthcare provider. They can help guide you in determining which starting level is right for you. You can also contact us with any questions you may have about the program through email at [email protected]