The Process

Before you register for our course we recommend you complete a standardized questionnaire to help you determine your starting level for the Healthy Back Program.

Based on your responses, we will recommend whether you complete the Basic Program or our Intermediate Program. The Basic Program is more gentle in nature and you can progress to the Intermediate Program as you improve. The Intermediate Program is designed for back pain patients who have higher levels of function and strength. The exercises are more challenging in nature, which will allow for further improvement. This questionnaire will also help you determine if these classes are still a bit too hard for you and when you should work a bit longer with your treating therapist to get ready for the next step.

We also recommend you try one of the free preview videos at the recommended level to determine if this feels right for you. You can also have your back therapist look at the preview videos and/or the recommendations and help you to pick your level.

Once you determine your appropriate program, we recommend you determine the start positions for your exercises or what is called Directional Preference. If you do not know your directional preference, in 10 minutes or less you can complete our free questionnaire and/or discuss this with your back therapist. It is also safe for most people to exercise in neutral and our videos are completed using a neutral posture and/or reference you using your specific directional preference.

Each week you will automatically receive technique videos of the exercises which will be included in that week's new class video. We recommend you practice the technique videos in your directional preference posture prior to starting the new class. Once you are comfortable with each technique we recommend you complete the class 2-3 times before starting the next video. Once you have a series of videos you can decide if you want to alternate 2 or 3 per week or stay with the current video until the new one arrives. To get the most out of this program we recommend you do the class video a minimum of twice weekly and don’t work-out two days in a row.
instructors demonstrating different back exercises

Choosing your level of difficulty

Our exercise levels are based on a standardized level of difficulty.  When choosing the right level to begin your program at,  we recommend you read the following descriptions to see what feels right for you.  You can share these write-ups with your treating professional and have them help you to pick the correct level.  

Comment from
past student

“Excellent    instructor”

In addition, you can try a free preview session to see what’s right for you and/or fill in this questionnaire to gain a recommendation on the level to start.  

Basic Program

Our basic exercises are primarily body weight exercises. This means that they use the resistance of your own body weight to create strength (grade 3).  There are no weights or elastic bands until you get to higher levels (grade 4).   The first sessions begin mainly in lying to help you to master the technique before you go on to more challenging positions i.e. kneeling.

The exercises progress at each session.  At the beginning we focus on the easier exercises (grade 3) and then progress to the more difficulty (grade 4) over the next few weeks.  

Examples of the basic exercises include these progressions over the class sessions:

  • Begin at Transversus Abdominis single leg lift in lying and within a few weeks progress to table top (2 leg lift in lying).
  • Begin with Gluteus Maximus bridge and over the next few weeks you will complete a progression that takes you  to bridge with single leg lift. 
  • Begin with Gluteus medius clams and within a few sessions you will progress to Zombies (standing hip abduction).

Need more information?  Try the free preview here
 Basic Level Course - Free Preview 

Intermediate Program (coming soon!)

The Intermediate level is based on a grade 4-5 strength level of demand. This means that the exercises are more taxing and build from light resistance (grade 4) to a level that would be consistent with an entry-level into a gym or fitness-level of program (grade 5).  

Our intermediate exercises use light to moderate weights, challenging body positions, longer sessions, more repetitions,  as well as progressing to higher body weight demand exercises as you improve i.e. plank.  As the exercises are progressive at the beginning we focus on the easier exercises (grade 4) and progress to the more difficult (grade 5) over the next few weeks.   

Examples of the basic exercises include these basic progressions:

  • Begin at Transversus Abdominis table top (2 leg lift in lying) and over the next few weeks you will complete a progression that takes you to double dead bugs.
  • Begin with Serratus Anterior bird dog and within a few weeks you will progress to plank. 
  • Begin with Gluteus Maximus bridge and within a few sessions you will progress to donkey kicks. 

Need more information? Try the free preview here
 Intermediate Level Course - Free Preview 

The Waiver

Before you start the program, we ask that you sign a waiver confirming that you have given proper consideration as regards the current state of your back fitness. We have designed the Healthy Back Program to benefit the greatest number of people possible but we realize that it is not for everyone.

If you are unsure, please consult with your physiotherapist before beginning the Healthy Back Program.

You can review the waiver on this page.

instructors demonstrating different back exercises

Choose which level of difficulty you feel is most appropriate for you
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